Transformer Being Tested for PCBs in Posey County Church Fire



Poseyville Fire says their equipment has been released. The test results for PCB were very low and are not a threat.

The clean up will continue at the church to get any remaining oil, but all fire departments are back in full service.

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A church in Posey County has been hit by fire Monday morning after a transformer exploded. The fire is now out, but officials are now focusing on a much bigger problem.

Officials say everyone that was on that scene at St. Francis Xavier Church may be in danger.

Several crews are still on the scene due to a dangerous carcinogen that may have been released.

It started when a transformer exploded and caused the roof of the church to catch fire.

Responders believe the transformer leaked oil and officials are not exactly sure what was in that oil.

Old transformers are known to contain PCBs, a chemical that can cause cancer if someone comes in contact with.

So right now, we are still waiting for the lab results to see if the oil contained this dangerous carcinogen.

Fire Chief Sam Martin says, “Duke Energy, when they arrived on scene to turn off electricity and everything during the fire, advised that one transformer had opened up and leaked out the oil. It’s an older transformer. They were uncertain what oil was in it. From what I’ve been told, some older transformers have chemicals in it called PCBs.”

There’s a lot of fire gear that could possibly be contaminated when responders were on the scene.

What’s worse is that this gear is from surrounding departments and makes a lot of firemen unable to work.

As soon as Eyewitness News gets information on the test results, we’ll get those to you.

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