A revival of a house helps revive a neighborhood and turn one man’s passion into his life’s work.

staC gallery makes its grand opening Friday in Evansville near Haynie’s corner.  Ted Nguyen opened the place three months ago, but now it’s official.

The gallery on Washington at Governor is hard to miss. There is a giant nutcracker carved from a tree standing guard. But it’s something much smaller that got Nguyen here.

The inspiration for his masterpiece came from inside the old and ugly.

“I live next door so every time I look over here, every window has a cat in it,” he remembers about the dilapidated structure, “they just hang around by the window.”

Ted saved the house from demolition three years ago, with help from his family and staC was born. It’s “Cats” backward.

His renovations brought this diamond out of the rough, giving a platform to his work, and dozens of other local artists. “I’m so happy to have the place open up for public and to show some of my work,” Nguyen says.

Always learning, Ted opens his door to the city he’s called home for decades; showcasing the passion he’s had for even longer. It’s passion he hopes can make this home even brighter.