Travel agent discusses summer travel


(WEHT) — The travel industry has taken a toll from the coronavirus pandemic.

AAA did not put out a report for Memorial Day Weekend – expecting it to hit an all-time low.

That’s expected to change as the nation starts to reopen and we head into the summer months.

Eyewitness News spoke with Gina Spyropoulos with Spy Travel in Dallas about what changes we may see.


Brandon Bartlett: Gina, thanks for joining us tonight. Most people have been staying home for months now and are ready to take a summer vacation. But is the travel industry ready for us to take that summer vacation?

Gina Spyropoulos: Well, I think they are very itchy and ready to go. I would say the earliest is going to be late June, for sure going to be in the fall is going to be busy. But we’ve got clients leaving late June, depending on what destination because things are changing daily.

Brandon Bartlett: Is that when you think that people will start traveling for pleasure again?

Gina Spyropoulos: Absolutely.

Brandon Bartlett: So from what you’re seeing, are people looking at travel just inside of the United States or some even looking to travel overseas?

Gina Spyropoulos: Oh, yeah, we’ve got a lot of going more overseas. Anybody that did some road trips probably was the memorial weekend. And now they’re ready to get on that plane and go as far as Greece or come close to Mexico or wherever it be.

Brandon Bartlett: Well, let’s talk about the airline industry. If people are flying, what changes can they expect to see?

Gina Spyropoulos: Well, I mean, we’ve been watching a lot of stuff that they’re doing and every airline is different, but most of them are doing every other seat. You’re paying for more of a seat and they’re cleaning and they’re showing videos of how they’re cleaning the cabins and everything. So that’s reassuring to us, but it just depends on the client if they’re ready to do it.

Brandon Bartlett: Yeah. What about hotels? What changes do you think that we can see there?

Gina Spyropoulos: Oh, a lot of changes and they’re doing a lot of work to make it happen. So they want that travel industry to get back and get this going. So cleaning it whether they’re notifying you on the doors and I mean, I feel sorry for all those maids that are spending hours on each room, but also they’re giving it 24 hours after they leave and then they won’t use that room for the you know, the next client for a day so they really are doing a lot of properties are all different but they’re doing a great job.

Brandon Bartlett: Yeah, well let’s talk about prices. Are airlines or hotels offering any discount right now in hopes of getting people to travel again or are the prices up?

Gina Spyropoulos: Oh yeah, they’re down, but they’re not gonna stay down because this industry is crazy right now. So they’ll be going up. But right now there’s some really great deals going wherever it be.

Brandon Bartlett: Are there any certain hotspots that you’re seeing people booking vacations for?

Gina Spyropoulos: A lot of St. Kitts, Mexico, Hawaii, Greece.

Brandon Bartlett: Yeah. Well, is it in your opinion, still safe to plan a destination wedding or a family reunion this summer?

Gina Spyropoulos: Absolutely. I can’t wait to be at my daughter’s wedding in October. But yes, we’re doing weddings, we’ve rescheduled them that we’re going to be in April in May. So now we’re doing them in the fall. And if they can’t make that then we’re doing spring weddings. So you know more 2021 but there is still some happening in 2020. “

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