Tri-State Celebrates Fat Tuesday


It’s Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday, the start of the lent season. As usual, eating and having fun is the order of the day.

There’s some essentials for Fat Tuesday. The first is red, hot and spicy and exceptionally delicious.

“It would be 14 sacks of crawfish which is right around 40 to 45 pounds a sack is what they call them,” Rick’s 718 Bar & Grill Owner Rick Kennedy said.

The last is oysters. Rick’s 718 Bar & Grill in Evansville says they’ll go through 600 just today.

“It’s fun,” Kennedy said. “Tommy the shucker, he’s running around here somewhere and he loves doing them. Sometimes it gets a bloody mess.”

Owner Rick Kennedy says he brings Mardi Gras right here to the Tri-State. He imports both crawfish and oysters fresh from Louisiana to Louisville. There’s only one way to eat crawfish. These Fat Tuesday essentials bring Scott Schenk all the way from Vincennes.

“It would be nice to go to New Orleans, but it’s a little hard to get there and a little far away,” Scott Schenk said.

This is his favorite place he’s making two trips today.

“I had my oysters at lunch so I’ll have my crawfish this evening,” Schenk said.

Before the festivities begin, the cooks think of a New Orleans man who taught them how to make the crawfish just right.

“We like blessing our crawfish to St. Anthony,” Kennedy said.

The preparation and time put into Fat Tuesday is all worth it.

Kennedy says this is the eighth year they’ve held a Mardi Gras celebration. He plans to continue the tradition.

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