Tri-State Kids with Disabilities Take on Holiday World


Thousands of children spent the day riding rides at Holiday World and it was a special day dedicated to Tri-State kids with special needs.

“I’m excited about this because I’ve never been able to ride a carousel up until now I didn’t even get to ride a mary go round when I was in school so this is exciting and it’s exciting for people with disabilities to have the same opportunities as everyone else too,” said Easterseals Ambassador Andy Imlay. 

For Andy Imlay changes at holiday world are opening up new worlds for kids with disabilities.

“We close down the park to 35,000 area school children with disabilities and give the day just too them,” said Holiday World President and CEO Matt Eckert.

It’s a play day that makes it hard not to want to join in.

“Smiling faces you see how excited the kids are getting off their buses with there classmates they are just thrilled and they look forward to this all year long,” said Pam Kirk with Easterseals.

A day of fun that  also knows how to give back.

“We donate a lot all the gate profit we make today goes back into the Easterseals rehabilitation center,” said Eckert.

And this year Holiday World adds a wheelchair accessible option too the Holi-dog Express and the Star Spangled Carousel.

“It’s exciting to have several different places in the park where people with disabilities can feel just like everyone else in the park,” said Imlay.

And feeling like everyone else in the park is something that means a lot to these kids.
Because sometimes it can be tough to take on a theme park with kids that have extra needs.

“A typical day at holiday world is really crowded and it’s longer lines and kids that have ADHD or OCD or any kind of special needs it’s very hard for them to stand in line that long,” said Candi Payne.

For Candi Payne and the kids Play Day is the best way to see holiday world.

“We can all just set our differences aside and come together and have a good day,” said Payne.

A good day for some special kids to ride the firecracker, the Liberty launch and The Legend.

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