Tri-State Woman Celebrates 101st Birthday


100 years and 364 days ago, Eunice Modlin was born, but she didn’t make it home in Indiana until the 1930s.

These days, she lives in Boonville with her son, the only one of four kids that she hasn’t outlived.

A day before her 101st birthday, Modlin was surrounded by family, including her great great grand children.

“Well, I think it’s quite a, quite a new thing. Not too many people live that long,” Modlin said.

In her prime, Modlin was an expert archer. Her son Lonnie Modlin said she won almost every competition she entered, and could shoot an arrow over a mile. She was tough then, and she’s tough now.

“A lot of women would say you wait until your dad gets home, he’ll take care of you. Mom didn’t wait till dad got home,” Lonnie Modlin said.

She was tough because she had to be. In the last 100 years, Modlin has seen it all, and done it too.

“The great depression, the oppression. She just always went with the time, and always been steady as a rock for myself,” said Modlin’s granddaughter Tammy Gentry.

She has a few tips for living a long life: she eats two dark chocolates a day, and said she’s remained busy into her old age, but not too busy.

“Unless they were taking a nap. Of course you don’t stay active if you take a nap, but that’s important. Important to take a nap,” Modlin said.

It also helps that she’s ultra healthy.

“Never drank any alcohol, never smoked a cigarette, and good, good food from he garden,” her son Lonnie said.

Modlin said she never expected to make it this far, but she’s happy to be here, and ready for 102.

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