HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – The first snowfall of the winter has arrived fashionably late. Tale as old as time, people are stocking up on essentials.

From grocery stores to hardware stores, some Tri-Staters spent the evening preparing.

“[We sold a] lot of ice melt, we’ve had sleds going out the door right and left,” said Paulette Marciniak who works at Rural King. “You just have people getting boots getting ready for winter. Getting the heat for the gas tanks. Just a lot of different things they’ve been buying. Which they always do when it comes to snow.”

With many schools already declaring snow days, rural king expects to be busy for the first snowfall.

“It’ll hit tomorrow just before the snow hits,” added Marciniak. “Lots of kids will be bringing their parents in and getting sleds, extra sleds or snow boots or whatever to get ready.”

This week’s snowfall won’t be a major winter storm, with just a few inches expected, but have your snow brushes ready for your windshields. If you need something over the next two days you may want to grab it before the snow begins – otherwise, it should melt away over the weekend.