Tri-Staters React to Ben Affleck Playing Batman

It was about two weeks ago when rumors started swirling about who will play Batman in the sequel to “Man of Steel”. Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin topped “The Hollywood Reporter’s List”.

We now know it’ll be Ben Affleck, and the Internet is seriously buzzing with opinions on whether he can pull it off.
Affleck’s stint as “Daredevil” didn’t exactly smash box office records. When news hit the web last night that the “Argo” director will play Batman, Twitter erupted. The hashtag “Better Batman than Ben Affleck” is still trending.

As for how people feel here in the Tri-State? We take the question to comic book fans in Evansville.

“I’m not really all that excited about it,” said Kristen Schutz, “because he’s more of a funny guy it seems. But recently, he has done some more serious stuff. So, in a way I guess you could give him a chance, but I’m skeptical.”

“Personally, I don’t think it’s a bad thing,” said Matt Hawes. “I don’t have a problem with Ben Affleck as an actor. I know there’s people who love or hate him. He’s kind of polarizing in that respect. But I think he has decent enough acting chops. Physically, he looks to be the part. He looks like a Bruce Wayne to me as much as the other actors they’ve had.”

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