Tri-Staters stand divided on impeachment


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — The upcomming vote on impeaching the president is spurring hundreds of protests all around the country, including right here in the Tri-State. With so many people on opposite sides, one message is clear: the Tri-State stands divided.

From sea to shining sea and right here along the Ohio River, thousands of protesters around the country are speaking their minds about a possible impeachment of President Trump.

“My wife is out in California and they had to shut theirs off because they had over 600 people and they ran out of room,” said Henderson Resident Herb Pritchett.

In Evansville, the Federal Building was the spot for protests, five hours apart, both for and against impeachment of the president.

“He’s got our economy up and rolling, he’s got this country back on its feet. He’s built our military back to the strength that they need to be at. He’s working hard to develop new jobs, employment is at a record high,” said State Senator Jim Tomes, (R) Indiana.

“If we’re going to stand up and say what we think about his violation about our constitution, then we can do that through the ballot box,” said Evansville Resident Karen Reising.

Across the river in Henderson, a demonstration meant to be for impeachment drew some counter protesters.

“Every president has had skeletons in their closet, I’m not saying the man doesnt, but I’m saying the democrats right now have done nothing but try and find stuff on this man,” said Henderson Resident Mike Austin.

“If we do not get out and if we do not speak, then this evil will prevail and we cannot stand another four years,” said Pritchett.

A majority of house lawmakers are expected to support at least one article of impeachment against President Trump.

“He’s fighting for America,” said Austin.
“Impeach and remove,” said Pritchett.

Moving forward, if a simple majority of the House of Representatives vote to impeach President Trump, the next step would be a trial in the Senate. If the Senate does not move to dismiss the trial and a vote is taken, 67 senate votes are needed to remove the president from office.

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(This story was originally published on December 17, 2019)

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