Tristate Break-Ins Caught On Camera, Officials Putting Video To Use


A crime wave sweeps across Warrick County and parts of Evansville, and some of it is captured on video.

Warrick County Sheriff Brett Kruse says they have responded to more than a dozen break-ins. Now officials hope sharing the video, could help them combat the crime.

It’s the middle of the night at a home in Warrick County. Suddenly an unwanted visitor, a man, walks up to this vehicle. It’s captured on the home owner’s video surveillance system. The man opens the door and steals around twenty dollars from inside. “Everybody take a look at it. If you do recognize who that is, let us know.”

Warrick County Sheriff Brett Kruse says he’s sharing the video across social media.

“I’m very surprised that we are having that around here,” says Joe Robertson. Robertson reacts the numerous break-ins happening around the area. “The flood lights will come on, and we can see out here pretty well.” Robertson says motions lights help keep him secure, and the neighborhood looks out for one another. “Keep an eye on your neighbors, and your neighbors will keep an eye on you,” says Robertson. That’s not always enough. Robertson says he will lock up, so this doesn’t happen to him. “I will be locking my car doors and making sure my equipment is put away.”

“When you catch somebody on video like that, and their ID, then we obviously have a suspect that we can go talk to,” says Sheriff Kruse. Kruse says the thieves are taking money, electronics, even small handguns. Two vehicles were stolen in Warrick County, and in Evansville a couple caught a man entering their home in the middle of the night on their surveillance video.

“I think there’s somebody who defiantly knows who this is, and somebody will call us.” Sheriff Kruse says, he believes, not all of the incidents are linked. Evansville Police and Warrick County are working together on some of the cases.

Sheriff Kruse says he thinks the warm weather plays a factor. He says this time of year is usually when these types crimes occur. Officials remind you to lock up your homes and vehicles, and never leave valuables in sight.

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