Tri-State bus riders react to introduced legislation aiming to eliminate mask mandates on public transportation


EVANSVILLE, INDIANA– Samantha Montgomery told Eyewitness News she rides buses constantly, and she’s tired of having to put on her mask anytime she gets on the bus.

“I hate it. It sucks. It really does because you can’t hardly breathe with it. And you want to pull it down all the time and get in trouble,” Montgomery said.

A new bill is introduced by Senator Paul Rand (R-KY). The Travel Mask Mandate Repeal Act has a few cosponsors, including Indiana Senator Mike Braun. This bill would eliminate mask mandates on public transportation, such as buses- something Montgomery said she can get behind due to not enjoying masking up.

“It just basically saves everybody from breathing on everybody. But it needs to be passed. The bill needs to be passed.”

But not everybody minds the mandate. LaKambria Smith, another avid bus rider, said things in terms of COVID-19 are getting better- but she doesn’t mind wearing a mask.

“We’re definitely improving since the vaccines but I really dont mind it. It’s really about your comfort level, like a choice I guess,” Smith said.

Companion legislation will be introduced to the House of Representatives later this week.

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