Trump to Skip CPAC; Carson to Make Announcement


Donald Trump is announcing he will no longer speak at the annual conservative conference CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference).

The annual gathering of American conservative figures takes place this weekend, and features every other candidate in the GOP race.

The Trump campaign says the GOP frontrunner is attending rallies in Kansas and Florida on Saturday which will conflict with his scheduled speaking time.

Trump’s campaign thanked the organizers of CPAC in his announcement, but conference organizers said they were “very disappointed” in Trump’s “last minute” decision.

CPAC is featuring an important speech from candidate Ben Carson on Friday.

Earlier this week, Carson said he sees no path forward for his campaign and that he would make an announcement concerning his campaign at CPAC.

Trump’s absence from CPAC follows Mitt Romney’s Thursday remarks urging Republican voters to vote for one of Trump’s opponents.

In Thursday night’s GOP debate, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich all said they would back Trump if he were the eventual nominee.

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