EVANSVILLE, INDIANA — Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to an early morning call about an assault on the 5000 block of Weston Road in Evansville. It ended with two arrests for prostitution and solicitation.

“They’re rarely reported due to the fact that neither the victim or the perpetrator wants police involvement,” Lt. Noah Robinson with the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office said.

This prostitution case with Jeanette Finch and Aaron Godfrey, both arrested Friday morning, is a little different.

“It’s a sign of the times,” Robinson said. “The technology is there that wasn’t there 20 years ago, and this crime that’s occurred since the beginning of time.”

Sheriff’s deputies were called to the scene at Weston Road for an assault.

“Ms. Finch alleged that Mr. Godfrey caused her physical injury during the encounter,”
Robinson said.

The Sheriff’s Office said Finch and Godfrey met on a dating website, Plenty of Fish, where they arranged to meet in the cab of his semi.

“People think prostitution, they think of someone standing in the corner of the street and someone picking them up,” Kyle Phernetton with the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor’s Office said. “Now it’s really moved online. We see website where people meet up.”

“Some people use it to establish meaningful relationships,” Robinson said. “Others use it to establish more casual relationships, as was the case in this instance.”

Finch first said she was only dancing in her underwear when Godfrey assaulted her. Officers found Godfrey at the Fairfield Inn on Weston Road, and he said they did have sex and there was no assault.

“He’d videotaped some of the contact that bolstered his claim that there was no non-consensual contact,” Robinson said.

“Anytime there’s a video, it really helps paint the picture better for us,” Phernetton said.

Finch later admitted to performing sexual acts on Godfrey, but said he still hurt her by pulling her hair, and gagging and scratching her.

The deputies took them to the confinement center and charged Finch with prostitution and Godfrey with solicitation. Godfrey was also charged with battery, but the prosecutor’s office decided not to file that charge.

“We looked at the sexual battery,” Phernetton said. “It just didn’t fit.”