U.S. Army Golden Knights Fly in on the Eagles

Students at the home of the Eagles saw some special guests fly in this morning.
The U.S. Army Golden Knights Parachute Team landed at Apollo high school this morning.
The Golden Kinghts will perform several jumps in the run up to this weekend’s Owensboro Air Show.
Parachuters say the shows also let them better connect with high school students.
Staff Sgt. Shelby Bixler said, it all starts with events like this.
“A lot of Golden Knights on the team join the Army because they saw a Golden Knight perform at their high school or at an air show. So, this is where it starts, and you have to start somewhere. This is the biggest part of what we do.”
The Golden Knights will also be landing at Owensboro High School’s Rash Stadium, Thursday morning.
They plan to do 3 jumps during the two-day air show, starting Friday night.

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