UK Fans Make Waves on Internet with Wiper Dunk

A Kentucky couple may want to get a patent fast on their “wiper dunk!”

An invention, created by a couple of University of Kentucky fans, is a slam dunk on the internet.

It’s called the “Wiper Dunk” and it attaches to the vehicles back windshield wiper.

Andrew and Amanda Sommer posted a video of the “Wiper Dunk” online and it went viral.
They say they’ve gotten several requests from people wanting their own.
But,  the Sommer’s say they want to develop the invention a little more before putting it on the market.

They explain how the idea came about with a little inspiration from a Washington Wizard.
“Really, it started out with my love for John Wall. I just love him,” exclaimed UK fan Amanda Sommer.
Her husband Andrew Sommer described how he discovered the perfect fit.
 “I was goofing off and found out it actually fit on the rear wiper perfectly from finger tip to elbow. We placed a demo on there and then we said we’ve got to make it UK.”

Kentucky faces off against Wisconsin in the NCAA Final Four on Saturday.

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