Unauthorized Absentee Ballots Mailed to Hundreds

We’re only a month out from Election Day and there are some major concerns that some absentee ballots may not be counted.It’s not a problem that many absentee voters would notice; a small box in the corner signed by election officials.But, those signatures are missing on hundreds of already mailed ballots and there is concern about the problem being fixed in time.
“It’s a serious matter if someone’s vote is negated,” said Vanderburgh County Democratic Chair, Rob Faulkner.

There is something missing from a few hundred absentee ballots sent from Vanderburgh County. Some ballots were sent without the necessary signatures of both the Democratic and Republic party.

“If it doesn’t have both initials then the ballot can’t be counted,” adds Faulkner.

Faulkner says he learned about the mishap from an election volunteer.

“Some of the ballots had gotten sent out and one of our volunteers received information that the ballots didn’t contain both initials as they are required by statute”.

Sources tell Eyewitness News more that more than 200 ballots may be impacted. Faulkner says he’s concerned those votes could be lost.

“I can see a voter getting frustrated,” he said. “You’ve already taken the time to fill out your ballot and because of a screw up at the election office they have to do it again!” 

We reached out to the Vanderburgh County Clerk, Debbie Stucki. She confirmed that there was a problem with the ballots, but declined to comment on camera.

“You would think the clerk’s office or the election’s office would be able to be advised to know how to perform the duties of the law,” said Faulkner. “It’s a pretty elementary thing. Everyone involved in politics knows that you have to have both initials”. 

Sources tell Eyewitness News this was an employee error that will need correction soon.The ballots will be due on November 4th by noon. Stucki would not comment on how the Clerk’s office will rectify the problem, but said there would be an Election Board meeting this Friday. Faulkner believes this will be on the agenda and possible solutions will be discussed.

“I suspect they’ll have to start over and send out new ballots and hopefully folks will get those filled out and have their vote counted”.
Eyewitness News also reached out to the Election Board President for comment and he has yet to respond. 

Report by Fadia Patterson

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