Union Co. Schools start ‘No Tech After 10’ blitz


A western Kentucky school district is starting a new program to encourage students to cut back on use of smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices.

Union County Schools began their no tech after ten blitz today.

We use laptops, tablets, and smartphones more and more.

“There are many days they love to live on them. They’ll stay hidden in our rooms. It’s not our favorite thing,” says Jacqi Teehan, whose five kids use those devices at home and at school.  But she thinks there are times where they use them too much, and notices some effects when they do.

“They tend to act disconnected to the family. I’ll be honest, that’s the biggest thing,” she says.

Union County Schools started the two week ‘No Tech After 10’ blitz today, where students and their parents are encouraged to turn off all digital devices after 10:00 PM. It’s the second phase of their three phase program to get kids to cut back on using those devices. Union County School officials say its more than just about getting their kids to stop looking at their cell phones and tablets, it’s also about improving their habits, including their sleep habit.

“Studies have shown that the blue light from screens and technology can also affect restfulness during the night and sleep deprivation. Staying up all night on all technology can impact mood and cognitive ability and every aspect of life,” says Malinda Beauchamp of Union Co. Schools.

Beauchamp also says the third phase encourages families to go outside and be active instead of looking at digital devices inside on the third week of June.

“I was in 100% percent agreement,” Teehan says. “I feel like it’s a great idea because I feel like it’s bringing family back to where it should be. Family time and bed time all goes together.”

School officials also recently changed cell phone usage rules at Union County High School, limiting when students can use them.

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(This story was originally published on April 30, 2018)

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