Union County business owner responds to charges after allegedly blocking school bus


UNION COUNTY, Ky. (WEHT) — A Western Kentucky businessman made an appearance in Union County court Thursday, after the Sheriff’s Office said he blocked a school bus carrying children -from traveling down Popcorn Road.

Donald Greenwell is now facing wanton endangerment charges.

He spoke exclusively with Eyewitness News today.

Greenwell, who owns Greenwell Farms, says there’s a lot more behind the his arrest on September 13.

He told us it comes down to two things: a personal dispute with the County over road conditions, and where kids are dropped off.

“My reason for stopping the bus from right there is I wanted it to go on down around that road and turn around like it did for ten years,” Greenwell explained, “instead of creating these potholes here.”

Donald Greenwell says his own dispute with the County over roads finally boiled over.

“The Union County Department maintained this road. But then I got crossways with the magistrate […] and now the maintenance on this road has been discontinued.

According to the arrest warrant, when a bus turned onto Popcorn Road, Greenwell pulled his vehicle behind the bus and would not move.

“Someone on the bus came off the bus and asked me to move my truck and I did so.”

But that’s where the accounts differ. The warrant says the truck still blocked the road.

Greenwall says the bus was never blocked in.

“The bus could have left at any time. I simply wanted it to go down that road and deliver them kids to their houses, where the rich kids get.”

Greenwell says he also thinks where kids are dropped off is based on economics, and he thinks it is wrong.

“I want them to get the same privilege that the rich kids get.”

But according to the arrest warrant the heat index that day reached 95 to 100 degrees, leaving the 9 pre-school aged children on the bus stuck in intense heat for 16 minutes.

“I didn’t know there were any kids left on that bus.”

Greenwell says there’s a lot to his story, but he still wants a fix for the road.

“When that bus cuts the tires that creates those potholes […] And I can’t get the county to fix it.”

We reached out to Union County School District officials. They declined comment, but said they had released a statement to the County attorney and the Sheriff.

We reach out to the Sheriff’s Office after this interview but have not yet heard back.

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