UPDATE: Johnson withdraws election challenge


Update (5:32 p.m.)

After spending $10,000 on a recount, DJ Johnson told a house committee that he will withdraw his election challenge.

This comes nearly a week after the recount of his race against State Representative Jim Glenn ended in a tie.

In his testimony to the House Election Contest Board, Johnson told them having the election decided by a special election or a coin toss would be too distracting for the district.

“For the good of my community, and for the good of my people, I’m asking that I withdraw my challenge.

Eyewitness News confirmed the recount cost Johnson more than $10,000.

“I did not know that this was coming. This was a surprise.”

Johnson says he made up his mind after contemplating the impact of a special election or coin toss would have on people in that district and realizing State Representative Jim Glenn and his lawyer would likely go to the courts if they didn’t prevail.

“I have to think about the 13th district. Right or wrong, people will judge my decision. I thought the best for the people of the 13th district was not to let this go on and turn this in to the circus it was going to turn in to.”

Earlier this week, Glenn’s lawyer Anna Whites wrote a letter to Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear asking his office to investigate possible election law violations. Glenn says the process should’ve been done sooner and through the courts.

“We spent a lot of time and resources the last 90 days. I’m not criticizing anyone. Don’t get me wrong. I am not criticizing one person. We could’ve tackled this the first 15 days after the election is over.”

“This is for the 13th district, thank you.”

State Rep. Glenn also says he doesn’t think the recount will cast a shadow over the remainder of his term in office.

Johnson also says he hasn’t decided yet on whether or not he will run again for the General Assembly in the future. From Your Local Election Headquarters in Frankfort, Mike Pickett, Eyewitness News.

Update (10:28 a.m.)

Republican D.J. Johnson announced on Friday that he’s withdrawing his election challenge.

The announcement was made during a meeting in Frankfort to discuss the results of last weekend’s recount in the 13th House District race between Johnson and Democrat Jim Glenn.

Johnson said he wants to make sure Daviess County residents aren’t a loser in all this but fears this might be happening.

He also said he believes a special election would be in best interest for community, and said he’s not excited about a coin toss to decide the seat.

Johnson said he would not put the district through a coin toss. He said, for the good of community, he’s withdrawing his challenge.

The committee accepted the withdrawal and the meeting adjourned.

Original story

A Kentucky House Committee is meeting Friday to discuss the results of last weekend’s recount of the 13th House District race.

The recount of the race between State Rep. Jim Glenn and D.J. Johnson ended in a tie.

Glenn, a Democrat, originally won the race by one vote.

Meanwhile, Glenn’s lawyer, Anna Whites, wrote a letter to Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear – asking him to investigate potential election law violations.

She claimed a vote was improperly altered as a result of interference by Johnson and his lawyers.

Johnson, a Republican, said that claim is false.

Watch the meeting here:

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(This story was originally published on February 8, 2019)

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