Posey County Ind. (WEHT)– A lake that used to be popular back in the day was back in business for Labor Day.

Since 2000, the Recreation Fitness and Wellness Center at the University of Southern Indiana has treated students to a day at Kramer’s Lake. Over the years ‘Labor Day at the Lake’ has grown to be one of the most popular events of the year for USI students.

“There is a lot of things to do. I mean, you can lay in the sun or get in the water. If you are not a water person, there is spike ball, volleyball, and cornhole. There is a variety of things to do,” says Grace Marshall, a junior at USI.

Marshall plans to apply to graduate school in the fall for Occupational Therapy. She says the event gives students with families far away a place to go.

“A lot of kids are not from around here and cannot go home every weekend. It is like the first big event where you can go and get to know people,” she says.

Owen Ballard is a junior studying Kinesiology. He says it’s a great way to break the ice.

“You can come with your friends, with your girlfriend, or with your roommates. There is something for everybody,” he says,

With the school year underway, Ballard says that ‘Labor Day at the Lake’ is a great way to say goodbye to summer.

“Oh yeah, a great way to end the summer. We had great weather,” he says.

The lake is about three miles away from the campus, at New Beginnings Lakeside Church.