USI Tuition Increases Over Next Few Years


As summertime hits the Tri-State, current and future University of Southern Indiana students will see an increase in tuition over the next few years. 

USI President Linda Bennett says, “We take this very seriously. We don’t take this lightly.”

Studying for exams, passing classes and getting points to add up to a degree is something college students do every year. 

But USI students are dealing with numbers a different way. 

Senior Blake Smith says, “I know that every year I’ve been here the tuition keeps going up and it’s a little annoying but I also understand that we’re the cheapest in the Tri-State area but I don’t know how long that will continue to be.”

The university board of trustees approved a tuition increase of $355 for next year and an additional $369 the following year. 

“Last year enrollment wasn’t as high and I wonder if that’s because we were the cheapest option but we’re kind of starting to match the rest of the Tri-State,” Smith says.

USI expects to generate $1.4 million which will allow the university to improve technology and pay current and future staff. 

“We’ve been increasing tuition we’ve been looking level and it was so low that combined with state appropriation it was putting this university at a difficult position to grow,” Bennett says. 

Students, not surprised. Smith is a fifth year senior who has seen an increase in tuition every year. 

“Usually about a couple hundred a year so I guess at this point I’m close to paying $2,000 more,” Smith says. 

Senior Hannah McNeely says, “It is what is is they’re going to raise it. They’re going to do what they have to do.”

While many college students don’t want to see an increase in tuition, Bennett says it’s what the university has to do to grow. 

“No they don’t want to see an increased cost and I don’t blame them and I wouldn’t either but this is what we have to do in terms of operation for this university,” Bennett says. 

Bennett says students who qualify for a lot of financial aid will be given assistance with the rate increases and USI will remain amongst the lowest in the state in terms of tuition. 

(This story was originally published on June 7, 2017)

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