EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)–One month after voting for a split contract, the Community Corrections Board is dropping ABK Tracking, and giving entire contract all to Corrisoft, which is based in Lexington. It brought an immediate response to ABK owner, Danny Koester.

“They don’t see it and they don’t get it. Our community is no longer safe,” he says.

Koester asked the board not make a decision until the next meeting. The board refused.

“I can speak to my vote, with to me, the cost saving was a very compelling argument,” says Vanderburgh County Sheriff, Noah Robinson.

Board members say they made the change to make sure the county follows a new Indiana law. It requires the review of electronic monitoring and home detention. During the review, board members say they could no longer defend ABK’S cost for the monitoring.

“The cost was the blowback. We were like how are you guys justifying the cost of this. It is twice as much or more,” says James Atkin, the Director of Community Corrections.

Atkin says it will save the county around $117,000 a year. He says ABK currently charges Community Corrections $13 a day for ankle monitoring. Corrisoft charges $5 a day. But Koester says tax payers will be harmed.

“We could save tax payers 2 million dollars,” he says. ” This is nothing against Corrisoft. I want to be clear this is about the protocols they are setting up. You can’t ask corrections officers to do multiple things at one time. When they are in the back and an event going on and Corrisoft sends the data to them, who is going to respond and how fast?”

Atkin also says Corrisoft would use customized smartphones, along with other devices including ankle bracelets. These would be set up to let law enforcement track those who violated their electronic home detention in real time.

The board says these changes could begin rolling out as nearly as next week. The contract has to get approval by the Vanderburgh County Commissioners.