HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Diana Moers released a statement on Wednesday saying groups or individuals who take it upon themselves to undertake law enforcement functions cannot be condoned by the office of the prosecutor for many reasons.

The release warns that actions by private, untrained and sometimes armed individuals who confront others pose a serious risk to the community or themselves and can undermine legitimate investigations from law enforcement. The statement also says evidence collected by untrained individuals may be inadmissible for use in bringing charges or taking a case to trial.

“What the public sees on social media and television is dramatized, incomplete, over-simplified, and often inaccurate,” one part of the release says. “As a reminder, a person who chooses to pose as law enforcement, meddle in ongoing investigations, or is violent, may also be subject to criminal prosecution if a law is violated.”

You can read the full statement below:

Although the statement does not mention any specific groups by name, an Evansville man was arrested Sunday afternoon after a group called “Predator Catchers Incorporated” allegedly exposed him for trying to meet with an underage girl.