Vectren ShrinersFest Airshow Dazzles Spectators

EVANSVILLE, INDIANA — It was a warm summer’s day with a light breeze, perfect weather for an airshow.

“Probably one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen,” Jeri Berger said. Berger came all the way from Mt. Carmel, Indiana, to see the show.

The Vectren ShrinersFest Airshow kicked off Saturday afternoon with the Blue Angels, Canadian Snowbirds and other stunt planes taking the air over the Ohio River, dazzling onlooking spectators with an array of aerial acrobatics.

“I’ve always enjoyed the Blue Angels, just the organization and just the fact they work as such an organized unit is very impressive to me,” Matt Kohl, an Evansville resident, said.

Kohl is also a paratrooper and has jumped from planes like the Blue Angel’s Fat Albert.

“Typically, whenever I’m involved with them, they’re going in a straight line much slower than that, so to see a bird that big going that fast was pretty interesting,” he said.

“It’d be like a dream job for me right there,” Kody Schuble, another spectator, said.

For many watching the show, they couldn’t help but feel the patriotism build up inside them.

“I like the jets and sounds and the rumbles and the loud noises they made,” Schuble said. “It gets you pumped up, like America!”

“I come alive with patriotism when I see them,” Angela Elliott, an onlooker, said.

It’s been a while since Evansville has had an airshow of this size. The Blue Angels last performed in town back in 2005. This is the Snowbirds’ first time in Evansville. And festival-goers hope it won’t take another decade for another show like this one.

“If you live in Evansville or 50 miles edgewise and you don’t come to watch the Blue Angels, you’re doing yourself a disservice. It’s one of the finest shows in town,” Kohl said.

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