Veterans Day program celebrates student’s father, grandfather


“I’m pretty proud.”

These the only words coming to mind for seventh grader Gabrielle Frey, as she looked onto her two heroes, her father and grandfather, finally getting the recognition they deserve at her Perry Heights Middle School Veterans Day program Thursday morning.

“It makes it a lot more special, because if they weren’t here it’d be like oh, its veterans program, its not that big of a deal,” said Frey.

The family affair started early, thanks to Gabby’s grandpa, retired Army National Guard Colonel of more than 30 years, Steve Lynch.

“I had two daughters, and both of my daughters married a veteran, so I think that its pretty well instilled in your family whenever you’re a member of the armed forces, no matter what branch it is,” said Lynch,“I used to say that every 18 year old girl ought to have a date with a veteran before she got married, so she could understand what a real man is.”

Lynch’s two daughters took his words and legacy to heart, one marrying another army national guard veteran, the other a navy man.

“My father and law and I are in the same branch, and hes in the navy, so there’s a lot of ripping and there’s a lot of fun that we have with each other,” said Doug Frey, Lynch’s son in law and Gabby’s father.

All of this, making for a brotherhood that goes further than familial ties.

“You develop a relationship that’s never really broken, it goes on forever,” said Lynch.

But family,for these army men, is whats making them smile today, just like any other day.

“I hate to say there’s a sense of pride, I’ve got a huge sense of pride for my son in law for what he did, I got a huge sense of pride for everybody that was down there,” said Lynch.

“Its very special to share this program with my daughter, to see the kids actually care, so that’s very special, and I like to make my daughter happy by coming and it makes her proud,” said Frey.

EVSC schools will be closed Friday in observance of the holiday.

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