CENTRAL CITY, Ky. (WEHT) – A vigil was held in Central City to raise awareness for four missing person cases in Muhlenberg County.

Samantha Bratcher when missing in November of 2021. Scotty Bryant disappeared New Year’s Eve 2010. Ronald “Cisco” Duncan disappeared in December of 2004. Brent Harrison also went missing earlier this year.

We’re told all four of them are from the Drakesboro area.

Families and friends hope that the vigil brings attention to these cases and prompts tips from the public.

“It’s been miserable. You always wonder… Wondering and looking. It’s been hard,” said William Bryant, father of Scotty Bryant.

“We wanted to remember those folks, get the word out, remind fold that they’re still loved, they’re still missing and that law enforcement is still looking for them,” said Scott Heltsley of Jodie Powers Search and Rescue. “It’s a night of hope as well because we’ve not given up hope.”

A tip line has been set up for the public to share information. The number is 1-570-435-7871.

“The story may not end the families want it to and I want it to, but if there is some type, some form of closure, it’s better than not knowing.”