Evansville family celebrates sixtieth reunion


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)– The Voegel children were split up after their mother died in child birth in 1894. After some time, these family members were able to track each other down. They’d meet up periodically and left a mark for family members to see all these gatherings.

“The whole book of what year, where the reunion was taken, how many people were there, just a full roster of people who came,” family member Nicole Maloy said.

Maloy said these reunions eventually turned into a yearly thing. In fact, she said the family held their annual reunion on Sunday- in smaller numbers due to COVID concerns- to celebrate the sixtieth annual reunion.

“Just being able to keep everybody together and see them again, even if it is only just once a year. It really means a lot,” Maloy said.

“Family is a big thing here especially. It’s been going on so long that you see more and more of your family members each year, especially with the grandkids being born in,” family member Dane Freeman said.

A tradition family members hope will carry on for decades and future generations to come.

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