Volunteers Remove Carts Embedded in Dry Branch Creek


When you think of a creek, water is usually what comes to mind, but Dry Branch Creek is holding much more than water. 

“My heart just opened up and I knew that I needed to come down and take a look,” Courtney Woodruff says. “These carts are not to supposed to be in that area.”

More than 60 shopping carts embedded in the creek banks. 

Evansville Water and Sewage compliance manager Carl Gist says, “It was basically unbelievable the amount of carts in the creek here and the years of growth and mud and trees and other debris that have overtaken them and polluted this waterway.”

Years of pollution, making the creek a landfill. Many say the blockages in the creek can cause localized flooding. 

Sunday, volunteers got in the mud, hoping to clear the creek. 

Stormwater Coordinator Karan Barnhill says, “They were willing to get down there and get in the middle of the creek, get wet and get dirty and really work hard so we were very fortunate to have the people we had.”

With recent storms, volunteers were taking on water, but after taking out roughly 20 carts, and filling an entire dumpster, the day was a success. 

“Today I felt the community of Evansville, Indiana and I can’t say that I really had before, this way,” Woodruff says. 

Volunteers say there will be another cart cleanup once the water levels drop most likely in June. 

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