Walking to Cure Multiple Sclerosis

“Well, you’re in pain, you can’t, you know, you fall a lot, I have fallen a lot this year,” said Connie Brown.
For Brown, and others affected by multiple sclerosis, the Tri-State Multiple Sclerosis Association is there to pick them up when they fall down.
“We’re the only organization in the tri-state area that is providing services to individuals, and their families,” said executive director Debbie Hebbeler.
While those families may not feel the pain first hand, they’re there when no one else can be.
“That’s just what you do. You know, you’re there to support each other,” said Rebecca Martin, whose partner has M.S.
On Sunday, the Tri-State M.S. Association hosted the first Autumn Walk of the year. It’s the non-profit organization’s biggest fund-raiser.
Hebbeler said the goal this year is to raise $50,000 dollars, which would go a long way in helping people with M.S.
“Yes, but we need more people. We don’t have near the support that we should have. We’ve been here since 2001 at this park. And we just, it just, there’s not enough people,” Brown said.
 “It’s just awesome because i do believe in my lifetime there is going to be a cure, but it’s very important that communities come together. It takes money. It takes support,” Martin said.
A cure to a disease that eats away at the protective covering of nerves is a dream for those who deal with the pain every day.
“You’re diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 40, right when you’re in the prime of your life, right when you’ve got a career, you’re raising kids, and all of the sudden you’ve got these crazy symptoms going on,” Hebbeler said.
The cure to M.S. may not be in sight yet. It could be years, or decades, but every step taken in Owensboro Sunday was one step closer.
The second walk is next Sunday in Evansville at Harrison High School. Registration starts at 12:30, and the walk begins at 1:30.

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