WARRICK COUNTY, In. (WEHT) – A new town could be soon created in central Warrick County just south of Boonville. Called “Victoria Woods,” the effort in the creation of the new town is being spearheaded by a local businessman.

Right now, it’s just a few houses and some paved streets. In a few years however, he says it could have as many as 400 homes and dramatically increase property value.

“I’ve got a project for you guys. I am going to take some of the most challenging property you have and the lowest tax based property you have right now, its got, ya know, concerns about it; the reason it hasn’t been developed. But I’m ready to take it on, and I am going to increase your assessed value $200 million over ten years,” says Jordan Aigner of Jerry Ainger Construction.

The idea of a new town is gaining traction. One local councilwoman spoke in favor of the project, saying the development has the support of herself and the City of Boonville.

“We voted to support it, 100%. The City of Boonville is providing water to that project. Personally, in my opinion, it’s going to be the nicest subdivision in Southern Indiana…Victoria Woods, Indiana, that sounds beautiful,” says Sherrie Sievers, Boonville City Councilwoman from District 1.

The Board of Commissioner’s will meet once again on April 10th to revisit the issue. The Board needs to make a determination by the end of May so that the fledgling town could hold elections for a new government to start January 1, 2024.