Warrick County Council votes to suspend discussion on public safety income tax during emotional meeting


WARRICK COUNTY, In. (WEHT) — A decision at Thursday’s Warrick County Council meeting in Boonville caused lots of emotion from the crowd.

The Council planned to discuss a proposed income tax increase to fund public safety.

We’re told the propsed public safety tax is “one half of one percent.”

People from across the county packed the room for the meeting.

But instead of a discussion, a council member proposed a motion to suspend the topic until they can get more information, causing tension on both sides.

“You want to keep doing studies! Studies, that’s what Congress does all the time,” said council member Charlie Christmas. “They study everything to death and don’t accomplish anything. It’s time this council accomplishes something.”

The council members that seconded the motion said they need more information before making a decision that affects taxpayers.

We shouldn’t rush into a decision that is going to be a burden on our taxpayers,” council member Ted Metzger said at one point. “We need…. more information,” said

They also voted to form a committee on the matter.

“The meetings that we had not to long ago were totally political in nature, they did not involve any effort from the towns other than attempting to persuade council members to vote in favor of increasing the taxes,” said Cindy Ledbetter.

Leaders from towns in Warrick County, including Newburgh and Boonville, say the increase is necessary to keep their communities safe.

“As population increases, we do not get anymore tax revenue,” said Newburgh town manager Christy Powell. “We do, however, get more expenses as far as serving the people.”

Boonville Mayor Charlie Wyatt agreed.

“We want our police officers to be the best there is. When you call that ambulance, you want the best technician you got.”

He said he is also interested in putting police officers in schools.

For now, tax increases will be addressed another day.

I’ve contemplated this, I’ve had a lot of internal arguments with myself back and forth,” said Greg Richmond.

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