Watson Home Demolition Begins

Nearly three weeks after one of the most devastating fires to hit the Tri-State, the Watson house, where eight children and their mother died, is being torn down. The Muhlenberg County Road Department started demolition this morning at the house in Depoy. It comes days after the two survivors, Chad and Kylie, returned home from Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville.

Bit by bit, truck load by truck load, the Watson home disappears into memory.

“It’s a constant reminder of what I saw that day.”

But for Clarence Humphrey, the events of that day which made him numb still haunt him.

“I’m having bad dreams,” he says.

For weeks, he’s seen what remained, the remnants of the fire took so much from this town.

“It’s just hard to get over knowing those little kids, and the more I learned about them, the more it hurts, they were really tremendous kids,” says Humphrey. “Standing this close to a house that nine people died in, it’s just hard to get over.”

“It’s hard for the family. It’s hard for us,” says Muhlenberg County Road Superintendent Robert Rhoades. He jobs like this are usually easy. But this isn’t a usual job.

“If you’re a family man, family-oriented, and care for family, this has got to touch you in a special way,” Rhoades says. “The loss of one is bad, but when you lose so many in one family, it touches home to you.”

Soon, there will be nothing left standing here.

“I hope its a closure,” Rhoades adds. “Maybe, they come to the scene, and it’s all gone, and maybe it’s a closure for them.”

But the chilling memories will still be here for some.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever get over it to tell you the truth,” Humphrey says.

Rhoades says crews will be back here tomorrow to take out the remaining part of the house.  A celebration of life service will be held for the Watson family this Sunday at Muhlenberg County High School’s Felix Martin Hall. The service starts at 2:00 PM. Chad Watson is expected to speak at the event.

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