HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT)-Wesselman Woods announces the expansion of its nature preserve through two land acquisitions.

The first is a gift from the city of Evansville, which consists of 32 acres formerly known as the par-3 golf course and the 16-acre forested middle section of Wesselman Park.

The second was a recent $2 million purchase of the 42-acre University of Evansville property on Division Street, adjacent to the 220-acre nature preserve.

Zach Garcia, the Executive Director of Wesselman Woods, talked about the acquisitions.

“The former par 3, we intend to create three distinct habitats: a meadow, a bottomland forest, and wetlands. “This intentional diversification of ecosystems will promote biodiversity by providing specific environments for various species to thrive.”

Combined, these three plots of land will add 90 acres to Wesselman Woods.