HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT)-The 2023 West Side Nut Club Fall Festival has come to a close.

As is the usual tradition, Franklin Street has been swept clean of all remnants of the annual event.

The West Side Nut Club has eliminated all traces of the Fall Festival by cleaning, sweeping, and washing away six days of festivities.

While Franklin Street may be clear, excitement might still be lingering as someone now holds the winning ticket to that record-breaking half-pot.

Just moments ago, the winning numbers were drawn on a live stream, and someone in the Tri-State is $900,000 richer.

The winning number is D-2-6-2-7-4-6-6.

Your ticket must match the numbers shown here to be a winner. If you have the winning ticket, you must claim your prize within the next 30 days by the end of business on November 6.

To claim your ticket, you can call the number on your screen.