Western Kentuckians Helping Flood Victims


Western Kentuckians, among those heading to West Virginia to help flood victims. Two local members of a disaster relief team will be assisting families and rebuilding homes.

“Devastation, to whoever it is, is life changing,” says Jeff Free, a Livermore resident, and member of the Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief Team.

For him, and Bill Kramer of Henderson, rebuilding lives is their mission.

“We want to help out our fellow man whenever we can,” Free says.

They’ll join more than 70 of their fellow team members now in some of the hardest hit areas, including Greenbrier and Kanawha Counties, helping with mold removal, family outreach, and delivering food.

“We have chaplains that go in, people with child care, to help these people,” Kramer says. “They’re in such stress right now. It’s just helping in anyway we can.”

“A lot of times when we come in and talk to them and explain what we can do and what needs to be done to make their homes safe again, most of the time it’s received very well,” adds Free.

Kentucky Baptist Convention officials say baptist relief teams from at least five other states are on the ground, with more expected. For Free, this mission is personal. He’s traveled southern West Virginia as part of Rolling Thunder’s Run To The Wall.

“My heart really broke because I know several of those people up there,” he says. “When I got the call to take a unit up, I had to go myself.”

While Free and Kramer plan to be in West Virginia for a week, Kentucky Baptist Convention officials say other members will be there for up to four weeks.

If you would like to help people affected by these disasters, you can register as an event-based volunteer at https://volunteerconnection.redcross.org/

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