HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – The resignation of the Vanderburgh County Buidling Commissioner Jerry Grannan marks the third change in the position during the last several years. This recent uncertainty at the position might spark some interest in what the Commissioner actually does.

According to IN.gov, the Building Commissioner is responsible for confirming that buildings meet the county’s building codes, performing inspections on buildings under construction and hiring contractors to perform work in the county.

The reason that the Building Commissioner matters is they must approve and inspect construction and renovation projects in Vanderburgh County.

The Vanderburgh County Office of the Board of Commissioners has requested that Mayor Lloyd Winnecke delays any action to replace the Building Commissioner until they can meet the candidate.

“The letter says the Commissioners will meet among themselves before conferring with me. I`m not aware of any such meeting, nor have the Commissioners requested a meeting time,” says Mayor Winnecke. “In fact, I was in an unrelated meeting with all three Commissioners prior to their Tuesday meeting and none of the three approached me on this topic.”

The mayor says that he is happy to hear their input beyond what was offered in their initial letter.