EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Thursday, April 21 marks five months since the implosion of the tallest building in Evansville – the 420 Main building that was once home to Old National Bank. Much of the heavy debris was removed in the weeks following the implosion. But still – the area is covered with rock and concrete. Some business owners on the block say they are ready to get on with the new development.

“Well honestly it’s definitely still an eyesore,” said Kevin Fry, Jimmy John’s general manager. “I kind of wish everybody would you know, that it would get fixed and cleaned up.”

“We would like to see progress,” said Kara Combs, co-owner of Lic’s. “However getting from point A to point B and enduring more possible damages, dust, the mess, it’s not something we’re really looking forward to.”

Several parts of the historical building where Lic’s is located was damaged from the implosion and the owners are still dealing with repairs. Also, the 18 story tower was hard to miss before its final day.

“Right now we have a really nice view without that building there,” added Combs.

Josh Armstrong from the Downtown Evansville Improvement District said – it may not look like progress is being done on the outside but work is being done behind the scenes planning for what’s next.

On March 31, 2022 on In-Depth with Brad Byrd, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke said the city is working with the developers each week to determine when this project will proceed after several costs for construction began increasing in the millions.

“It doesn’t have to be two buildings,” said Mayor Winnecke. “It doesn’t have to be configured the way it was originally designed. So we’re reimaging it right now to see if we can come up with a dramatic design and development for that block that will serve the test of time.”

Then, there is a remnant still standing where the demolished sycamore building once stood.

“Now I can’t say facts, sorry, but I was told that it was an old vault,” added Fry. “Yes. That’s what I was told.”

“It evidently was the elevator shaft in the sycamore building. But I still don’t know why they left it, I just know it wasn’t a vault.”

The mystery continues, as does the anticipation for what will be coming to downtown Evansville. We will watch for developments.