EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – As we count down the days to Christmas, another exciting event is coming to town! What other event can you go to where Mom and Dad are geeking out about an 80’s or 90’s celebrity while their kids can check out Pokémon cards and stuff animals? The answer is Raptor Con!

Raptor Con is known as the largest pop culture and geek convention in the Tri-State area. When asked why the event was created, Matt and Lindsay Grisham say they saw a need for a fun event that the whole family could enjoy together. Matt says the whole point of the event is to bring family members together to help create crossovers between their likes.

“In a world that has become so digital, live events such as Raptor Con helps bring people out of the digital age and back into the real world. Helping people disconnect slightly from the social media lifestyle and allowing them to live in the moment.”

He also mentions that the event helps support the community by bringing over 60 small businesses and vendors under one roof, perfect for holiday shopping.

With everything from cross-country vendors, cosplay contents, video game tournaments, workshops, and panels, Raptor Con truly has something for everyone to enjoy, similar to San Diego Comic Con. This event is a fully immersive experience with hands-on classes, shopping and games, where all your interests can collide into one insane weekend, very similar to a trip to a theme park.

What you should bring

While there isn’t anything required, here are a few items that are recommended or encouraged to enhance your experience:

  • Cosplay, come as your favorite character into a judgement-free zone.
  • Phone chargers
  • Snacks, although there will be food trucks at the event.
  • Friends and family to share the fun with.

Grisham says celebrities from movies, TV and comic are also a favorite part of Raptor Con. Some of the guests who will be attending this year are:

  • Jason Marsden
  • Bill Morrision
  • Mindy Sterling
  • David Della Rocco
  • Remy Dee
  • Lew Temple
  • Jonni Shandor

Some workshops you can take part in are:

  • Karate Classes
  • EVA Foam building
  • Chocolate making

Besides the main cosplay contest there is also a tacky cosplay contest and a teddy bear contest where each stuffed animal brought in will match a toy donation to a local charity.

Matt says the best part of the event for him has to be seeing many new friends join the Raptor Con family saying making new friends they otherwise would have never met has a huge impact on their lives.

“My favorite part of the convention is meeting all the people and getting to bring them into our Raptor Con family. It sounds cheesy, but when someone walks though the convention door, they become family. The event really is a “Cheers” like atmosphere…if you get the 80’s reference.”

When asked what the event is about as a whole, Matt says Raptor Con helps bring people together who may not feel like they have a “place” together into a community where everyone’s interests are supported.

Raptor Con will take place on December 10 and 11. You can buy tickets and get more information on their website and their Facebook page.