What people plan to get mom for Mother’s day, and what moms really want


You’ve probably heard the saying “not all heroes wear capes” a lot in the past year, mostly in reference to doctors, nurses and teachers. But it also applies to that one person who holds down the fort at home, who likely goes by the name of, “Mom.”

According to a recent survey from TopCashback.com, 82 percent of Americans believe moms deserve more than one Mother’s Day a year. The survey polled a cross-section of 1,057 adults, aged 18 and over.

With 76 percent planning on giving their matriarch a gift this year, TopCashback.com wanted to know what ideas they have in mind for May 9.

Americans plan to gift mom:
Flowers (45 percent)
A greeting card/acknowledgment that mom’s doing a good job (36 percent)
A gift card (28 percent)
A phone/video call (23 percent)

Out of the 565 moms surveyed, these are the top four things they really want:
A clean house (34 percent)
A greeting card/acknowledgment that mom’s doing a good job (32 percent)
A break from the mom routine (30 percent)
Delivered breakfast, lunch, brunch and/or dinner (26 percent)
In addition, TopCashback.com discovered that 70 percent of participants will be doing the majority of their shopping online. For at least 74 percent, shopping Mother’s Day deals and sales are a must. And 39 percent are expected to shell out between $51 to $100 for the holiday, including the gift.

So, how do Americans plan to spend their day with mom during the current pandemic? [top four responses]
At home with family (63 percent)
At home alone (18 percent)
Virtually meeting with family [Zoom, FaceTime, etc.] (17 percent)
Visiting mom while at a safe distance away (14 percent)

And if you ever thought Marie Barone from ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ was the TV mom your real-life mom is most like, you’re not alone. Roughly 22 percent of respondents said they have a Marie Barone of their own.

The other top four TV moms that were the most relatable are:
Wilma Flintstone from ‘The Flintstones’ (19 percent)
Kitty Forman from ‘That ‘70s Show’ (15 percent)
Marge Simpson from ‘The Simpsons’ (13 percent)
Vivian Banks from ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ (13 percent)

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