HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – During the hot Summer months, we often recommend wearing light-colored, loose-fitting clothing to help stay cool. The reason behind that is that lighter colors, for example white, will reflect most of the sun’s wavelengths. That reflection will keep those fabrics cooler. On the opposite end, darker colors, such as black, absorb most of those wavelengths and trap in that heat.

Meteorologist Cody Bailey decided to host an experiment in our Backyard by hanging a black shirt and white shirt outside during the heat of the day to display the temperature difference.

The first check was at 11:30 in the morning with temperatures in the lower 80s. The white t-shirt registered around 89 degrees, while the black shirt was already in the upper 90s. Fast-forward one hour, the white shirt had only risen around 5 degrees, while the temperature of the black shirt soared into the lower triple digits.

The prime heating hours of the day lent an opportunity for Brooke Wilson and her family to stay cool. The group decided to spend the day at the splash park along the Henderson riverfront. Wilson says she knew that colors mattered when it comes to the heat, but admits she was surprised to hear of our findings.

“Yeah! Like today I’m wearing a lighter color,” explains Wilson, “and I think I knew the difference between that, but I usually won’t wear black during the Summer, I would say.”

The final check of our experiment occurred around 3pm with air temperatures at 90 degrees. The temperature of the white t-shirt reached 100 degrees, while the black t-shirt jumped to around 113 degrees.