Where Are They On That Project: new Spottsville Bridge


SPOTTSVILLE, Ky. (WEHT) For more than eight decades Henderson and Daviess County drivers used the old Spottsville Bridge along Highway 60. Now, the new Spottsville Bridge is starting to take shape.

Contractors, steel beams and bars, are moving on the new Spottsville Bridge, getting ready for the day when cars and trucks move along it. Project manager Matt West of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says contractors put in the bridge’s foundation and piers, and are now focusing on the bridge truss and approaches from both Henderson and Daviess County sides.

“Each individual member is trucked in on a truck, unloaded onto a barge, then put plates and connections on, and then lift each piece into place,” he described.

The old bridge was built in the early 1930s and has become functionally obsolete. West says the pandemic has impacted contractors ability to secure building materials, but they can still get what they need.

“There are certain industries and certain supplies contractors had to make special arrangements, delay ordering, accelerate ordering to ensure they meet their schedule,” he said.

The new bridge is being built just north of the old one. It will be painted Kentucky blue, and it is wider and taller than its predecessor.

“The old bridge is 20 feet wide, two 9-foot lanes and the new bridge will be 42 feet wide, two 12-feet lanes and 8-foot shoulders,” says West.

Project managers say this bridge will be wider than the old bridge to better accommodate for farm machines and trucks using it everyday.

“Those two factors are almost factored in to making this bridge wide enough for current freight vehicles and the possibility of agricultural and freight vehicles increase in size,” he explained.

Once built, contractors will re-route Highway 60 so traffic uses the new bridge. West says there are options on how to take the old one down.

“They can pull it down piece by piece. Sometimes, they’ll put explosive charges at critical points on the bridge and set off a controlled charge and drop the structure directly down to the river,” West said

The new bridge is still expected to be ready by late next year.

(This story was originally published on July 12, 2021)

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