WHITE PLAINS, Ky. (WEHT)- The former White Plains administration is under investigation.
The council held a meeting Tuesday night, hoping to resolve leadership issues.

On Tuesday’s agenda: the appointment of a new mayor.

After the council conducted a closed session to discuss the appointment of mayor, the one motion that was made to appoint someone, failed.

According to the city attorney, the council had 30 days to appoint a mayor. Because no mayor was appointed Tuesday night, the mayor will be selected by Governor Andy Beshear.

Several questions were asked by citizens about when that appointment will happen. The attorney explained, “The governor will promptly fill the position with a qualified person. “

We spoke with several citizens who are saying their bills are drastically rising for unknown reasons, which is causing people to demand answers to their questions. Citizen of White Plains, Dylan Ford, tells us, “That’s just the main issue. They’ve went unchecked for a very long time, and now they’ve overstepped the boundary that they can’t come back from. If they weren’t taking everybody’s money, it wouldn’t be a thing that people would pay that much attention to. Peoples’ money is going missing, they’re charging them outrageous amounts of money for their water bill…”.

We asked White Plains Mayor Pro Temp, Ben Almon, for a statement, and he declined.