HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – Shannon Troutman is a teacher at Henderson County High School, but he can add a new distinction: Coach of the Year for Kentucky softball.

In 2023, the Henderson County softball team won their third straight district title, a second straight Region 2 championship title that culminated into a trip to the KHSAA state championship game back in June.

“It was kind of shocking,” Troutman said. “I’ve been coaching for six years, and no one’s won it in this area.”

His journey began by going to school in McLean County and South Hopkins and in addition to teaching, he has over 20 years in law enforcement with his last ten years as a detective.

Troutman states his interest and getting prepared in coaching stems from his background in police.

“Coaching has a lot to do with reading people, knowing what kids respond to and what they don’t respond to,” Troutman said. “You have to be a people person. If you’re not a people person, you’re not going to succeed very well working in the public.”

Troutman admits one never stops learning as a coach. It is as much as helping the players as the players helping the coach. He gave an example of three years ago when the team was getting ready to face great pitching.

“I thought I was preparing my team, turning my machine up, throwing hard to them in practice,” he said. “What I didn’t realize was I was beating them down and hurting their confidence. Certain kids really need to feel good about their self and have that confidence when it comes to big games.”

Troutman states he wouldn’t change a thing and loves what he does.

“I love my job at Henderson County High School. I love coaching. I love the girls I’m coaching. I’ve got quality kids that are coming into the program that are aspiring for lofty goals. My upperclassmen have really helped push my underclassmen.”