WARRICK COUNTY, Ind. (WEHT) – As we all sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, let’s take a moment to remember those under the table begging for scraps. Many of our favorite furry four-legged friends don’t get to celebrate the holiday getting belly rubs and table scraps, but you could change that.

If you ever have thought about getting a dog or even just trying one out, here is your chance. The Warrick Humane Society has an opportunity for you! Their Friendsgiving event is the PERFECT time to see if a dog fits into your family.

The shelter has all ages of dogs from puppies like Apollo to older dogs like Peyton Cooper.

The Assistant Director of Warrick Humane Society, Kim Henning, says they spend a lot of time making sure they pair the dogs with the host family that fits them best, taking into consideration activity level, personalities and children or other animals.

Unfortunately, this is a canine-only event, cats do not participate as the changing of environments would easily stress them out.

WHS says Friendsgiving is a way of giving the shelter dogs a break from the shelter. They have a bunch of dogs they consider ‘long-term residents’ that have been there longer than 3 months and get a little stir-crazy.

“Friendsgiving gives shelter dogs a chance to be in a loving home for Thanksgiving with the hope that some families will fall in love and adopt their dog they hosted.”

The event also helps out the shelter as the typical six or seven adoptions from host families each year help them free up kennel space for other dogs who need help. WHS says they often try to help local county shelters by taking some of their animals. This helps prevent the shelters from having to euthanize the animals when they reach full capacity.

However, the shelter says this year they are not only at full capacity, but adoptions have also slowed down which leaves them unable to help the other shelters.

Henning says there are many different ways the community can help. Donations, whether they are money or supplies, help them care for as many animals as they can. The shelter also asks the community to share their events and post on social media as well as advocate for them. The most significant way you can help though? Adopt!

You can find instructions on how to apply to be a Friendsgiving host family here.