HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – The sleet and freezing rain started around 5pm and has been steady ever since, mixing with snow in some areas. 

There have been several reports coming in throughout the evening of vehicles sliding off the road in Vanderburgh County.

“This evening has not been great, but it could be worse. Between the city police and the sheriff’s office, we’ve worked about six slide off crashes, and quite a few just plain slide offs where someone had to be towed out of the street,” says Vanderburgh County Sheriff Noah Robinson. 

Some people who have been caught up in the storm experienced difficulty with slick spots on their evening commute. Eyewitness News caught up with one anonymous woman who was caught in the middle of it. 

“You know winter-time, especially now, things just go up and down you know, like life, and you roll with it. It could be scary to some people but just be safe and if you are not comfortable driving just don’t do it,” said the traveler. 

Drivers are reminded to exercise caution if they have to go out at all, and to use common sense when driving in these hazardous conditions. 

“Drive slow – four wheel drive or all wheel drive does not confer invincibility. Ice is still slick regardless of how many wheels you have turning, so leave more braking distance and drive slower – speed is your enemy when it comes to driving on ice, so slow down, and if you must go out, take your time to get there,” said Robinson. 

The wintry mix is expected to continue through the rest of the evening, and many school closings for Tuesday have already been announced.