“I parked my car, made sure I was going to hit ground, climbed over and jumped.” August 17, 2008 Wendy Coy laid unconcious in a field under the north bound side of the Twin Bridges. That day she tried to end her life jumping seven stories to solid earth. “It was the highest point I could get to where the water begins and the ground ends to jump. I figured if I hit ground it would be less likely I would live.”
Coy says she didn’t rush into jumping off the bridge. Instead climbing over concrete side, grabbing the railing, and dangling herself. “For maybe just a half a second I was like there’s no way I could save myself, but I was like it’s not even worth saving myself, and I let go.”
Wendy spent three months rehabilitating her physical injuries, some she still deals with today. However the damage to her spirit and her will to live took much longer to recover from. “I was sitting in a glass box watching everybody’s life pass by and nobody saw me.” Wendy has a tattoo on her right shoulder blade reading “JUMPER,” reminding her of what she’s survived. She was once again reminded Saturday when she heard about a man jumping off the Twin Bridges into the Ohio River. Prompting her to share her story. “I just know what it feels like to be that low and be so depressed and wanting to end your life. If I reach one person and it saves one person then I think I’ve done my job.”
Today Wendy is able to enjoy a meal with her friends and find joy in raising her new puppy. The simple things in life that are sometimes taken for granted that she now holds on to the most. “I know things get bad, but everything gets so much better in time, always.”

The number for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 1-800-273-8255