Amanda Bruner lost control of her vehicle at the intersection of Mount Gilead and Yankeetown road. Bruner says she thought she was going to die that night, but there may be changes coming to the intersection to make it safer for drivers in the future.

        Bruner says after she wrecked, she was scared and she tried to call 911 and her mom after the accident occurred on February 6, 2002.  Bruner jumped the stripper pit, the same stripper pit Kristy Kelly’s car was located in on Tuesday, after accidentally pushing the gas instead of the break pedal. According to Bruner, Tim Williams of Boonville was driving by and saw her break lights flashing, catching his eye, and running to her rescue. Williams says he had to get there quick because the water was flooding into her car and by the time he got to her, the water was close to her neck. Williams feels had there been a guard rail at that location, there would have been an accident, but he doesn’t think she would have made it into the water.

        Hearing of Kristy’s death was hard for Bruner, as they had known each other for a long time. Bruner says that Kelly was her sisters best friend and she was always at the house when her sister had sleep overs.

        Bruner and William feel a guard rail should be installed at that intersection, and now, their wish is coming true. Warrick County Sheriff Brett Kruse says he was contacted by a city commissioner about putting up a guard rail at that intersection to prevent this from happening again. However, Kruse says a guard rail will not solve all of the problems at the intersection.  He says if you hit a guard rail and at any rate of speed, it would be a bad crash, but it would potentially keep this from happening again and it would be discovered right away. There is no date set as to when the guard rail will be installed.