Woman’s Hotrod Packs a Powerful Message at Frog Follies

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There are mounds of pre-1948 hot rods taking over Vanderburgh County this weekend for the annual Frog Follies Car Show. The event is mostly a male dominated function, but today we met a woman with a cause, and her car speaks for itself. Orange…green and everything in between, more than four thousand cars from across the country are in Vanderburgh County showing off their stuff. But in this sea of masculinity, you’ll find Darlene Williams and her main lady. “She is a car with a cause..and when you see the pink, you think of breast cancer and ladies..if you haven’t been tested here’s a reminder,”Williams says. A reminder Williams doesn’t need, she has been put on a “watch list” after visiting her doctor years ago, she tell us “I was scared out of my mind and it was just like one of those feelings…I can’t understand what the ladies go through that actually have to have the surgery it’s just beyond imagining.” Although cancer-free, she never stops thinking about those who aren’t so lucky, “This is my support of breast cancer and she’s here and everybody looks at her and just think of breast cancer.” Williams brags a little, saying “She’s been invited to some breast cancer parades, and we’ve rode in them, we’ve supported breast cancer for quite awhile. I’ve won kid’s pick, kids love my car..little girls love my car.” Williams says women are the minority at Frog Follies, but she’s got the solution to fix that, “They want the ladies and the wives to come..get them a car, as she giggles. It’s easy to spot her ride, just look for hope on wheels. Williams continues to visit her doctor regularly. The Frog Follies is in town through Sunday afternoon.

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