Days after a Wisconsin man was arrested for allegedly attempting to burn down a Madisonville barber shop last month, police in Kentucky and Wisconsin, looking for two women connected to the case.

Jarvis Walker-Currin is accused of trying to burn down the Aura on Arch, but ended up getting burned himself.

For Shane Crawford, store manager at Barbers on Arch, in the same building as Aura, business is returning to normal.

“People are driving by, they’re standing out front, they’re yelling out the door, ‘We’re glad they got him, and good luck to you. So, people have really been encrouaging to us,” he says.

Returning to normal, more than a month after the abnormal happened.

“It’s crazy that even after all that, he came back after he burned himself and set himself on fire to re-light the building again,” says Crawford.

Madisonville Police say Jarvis Walker-Currin faces 2nd degree arson charges once he’s extradited from Wisconsin. The two women in the van at the time, could face similar charges. One of them used a pipe wrench to break the door’s glass.

“We feel, more than likely, they are also residents of Milwaukee, but we also feel there is a solid connection between Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Madisonville, Kentucky,” says Lt. William Poe of the Madisonville Police Dept.

Poilce say they’re not sure why Walker-Currin was here in the city at the time. They add the two women he was with at the time were spotted in Henderson after the incident. Crawford says he’s happy one of the three involved are in custody, and will be happier if his business doesn’t get this close of a shave again.

“Hopefully this will be all resolved soon and we can move on,” Crawford says.

Police say it could take up to several weeks for walker-currin to be extradited back to hopkins county to face charges.