(WEHT)- The battle for the Senate has made for a long, contentious campaign across the nation from Arizona, to Pennsylvania, to Kentucky, and Indiana as Democrats and Republicans hope to break the gridlock in the evenly divided Senate.

However, the November elections come as years of partisanship have eroded the chamber’s approval rating. So, perhaps, it’s little surprise as to why both incumbent Republican Sen. Todd Young and Democratic Hammond Mayor Tom McDermott have made pledges to work across the aisle should they win.

McDermott says he’ll take inspiration from former Indiana Senators, like late Republican Senator Richard Lugar and McDermott’s own “mentor,” Democrat Joe Donnelly. McDermott explains that both were renowned for their bipartisan leanings, adding that Indiana deserves a Senator who loves the state, the “working class people” of Indiana, and the United States of America.

Sen. Young, who was first elected in 2016 after serving three terms in the House of Representatives, says he’ll work across the aisle on legislation that “moves the nation forward, will make us more prosperous, safer.” However, Young says he still views the policies put forth by the Biden administration and the “far left of the Democratic Party” as “highly unwise.”

However, both McDermott and Libertarian James Sceniak took issue with some of Sen. Young’s key decisions in the Senate. McDermott says Young “ignored half the population of Indiana” when he voted to confirm all three of former President Donald Trump’s nominees to the Supreme Court- Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett. All three joined the majority decision to overturn Roe V. Wade and the previously protected nationwide right to an abortion.

Sceniak, meanwhile, accused Sen. Young of failing to deliver on conservative values, saying Young spends “more money than Bernie Sanders,” leading to higher inflation. Sceniak also criticized Young’s decision to vote for, then against, then for the PACT Act– saying Young used veterans as pawns.

Young, however, defended his votes- accusing Senate Democrats of using the PACT Act- a bill intended to expand healthcare access to veterans exposed to toxins during their time in the service– as a vessel to pass “Green New Deal goodies,” saying veterans like himself should be offended by it.

Sceniak, meanwhile, as his own plan to help veterans. Sceniak explains it would work similarly to health savings accounts, letting veterans to choose physicians and locations that work best for them “within the free market,” adding he believes it’s something he could work with both Republicans and Democrats on.